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What are public insurance adjusters (PAs)?

A Public Adjuster is a professional claims handler who advocates for the policyholder in appraising and negotiating a claimant’s insurance claim. Public Adjusters work for the insured and their benefit, not the insurance company.

What kinds of claims do Clear Claim Public Adjusters deal with?

Clear Claim take care of your property insurance claim such as windstorm, hail, flood/water damages.

Why do I need a PA to get the properly due to me?

When your property suffers a damage and you report the event to your insurance company, they send their adjuster to evaluate your home and fix an amount of what you will receive for the claim based in their benefit, not yours. Our Public Adjusters advocates for you and your family interests, getting the money you deserve for your insurance claim.

How Clear Claim determine the insured´s actual loss?

Clear Claim is specialist in inspecting for hidden damages. We will take a physical inventory, attain the appropriate appraisals, and ensure that all provisions of the insured´s policy have been taken into consideration. All these actions are carried out in order to have a positive impact on the optimal settlement of your claim.

How much does Clear Claim charge for their service?

Our fee is just 10% of the insurance company’s payment for your claim. A very low amount for the money you will get.